3 Traits That Can Make You Unforgettable

Josh White
5 min readJul 20, 2021

Someone unknowingly used them on me. It is barely a year since we met. Now she’s the closest friend I have. It’s your turn to use them on someone.

3 Traits That Can Make You Unforgettable| PEXEL

Let's start with why being unforgettable is important to your personal life and future success.

The opportunities that have come into your life are from the people and relationships in your life. The ones that will come in the future will be from the people and relationships in your life. Not just that, they will come from the persons who remember you for good.

Last week, a friend called my phone from Lagos. He owns a thriving business over there. He is financially independent and even before completing his education.

During our discussion, asked if I know a girl that I can recommend that will make a good wife.

After a few minutes of racking my mind through the list of girls I have a personal relationship with, one girl stood out.

I met her during my urban posting in a hospital in my hometown. She’s a 23-year-old student nurse, who is currently 2 years into her nursing/midwifery program.

I sent him her picture the next day. He liked her. He then asked for her contact. Now they are talking and soon to meet in real-time.

The Lesson: Being unforgettable is an asset to your future. Success in life is not always because you work hard. Many people work hard, still they are nowhere near success or prominence. You achieve massive you need more than hard work. What you need even more than hard are opportunities.

If you have opportunities in life, you will only need less effort to achieve massive results. That is the best leverage you can have in the journey of life.

People are the source of opportunities

Do you want to have more and better opportunities in your life?

Be unforgettable.

People are the sources of opportunities. Make people remember you for good. You will have more opportunities than are currently in your life.

The more opportunities you have in your life, the better your chances of success. Even with little effort on your part.