5 Valuable Lessons When Starting A New Relationship

The insight will help you avoid most mistakes that have ruined the lives of many

Josh White


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

“I don’t think I love you.”

His heart started beating fast and his feet couldn’t sustain his weight. The thought of all he had done for her in the past flashed through his mind with penetrating injuries as each of them passed. His heart bled in regret and hot tears streamed his cheeks. He did not know what to do next.

He fell to his knees:

“Just tell me where I have offended you, and I will apologize. I have kept myself for you. A lot of ladies have approached me, and they want me to themselves. Because I value what we shared, I turned them down. You have never asked me anything that I haven’t given you. Even when I don’t have, I go the extra mile to borrow from my friends just so you can be happy. The money I spent on our last date wasn’t for me. It was my exam fees. For me, it was our love first before anything.”

“Tell me this is all a joke, please, Sunshine!”

The world of dating can be rough and unpredictable. The emotional, psychological, and even physical damages could be profound and far-reaching. You could lose your mind, have an everlasting hatred for the opposite gender, lose your self-confidence, and live the rest of your life in regret.

The place of awareness.

Awareness is your best bet. A few lessons from the experiences of others will keep you from most hurts into a place of safety. They will help you discern true love from fake, forecast the future potential with your partner, and sense relationship danger signs before they eventually happen.

That is what you need.

Here are five of them:

1. The danger of assumption

Assumption is a dangerous thing. It is the weakest and most unreliable foundation you can build anything. The easiest way to get hurt in this journey of love is to be comfortable and satisfied with the assumption that the person you are into is also into you. Most people who travel that path meet with wrenching disappointment and devastation.