3 Traits That Can Make You Unforgettable| PEXEL

Knowing these signs can help you course-correct your way to success.

3 Signs Someone Will Be Successful | STOCKSNAP

Nobody starts for failure.

Two from my friends’, one from mine.

“Learn from the mistakes of others — you can live long enough to make them all yourself.” — Martin Vanbee| PEXEL

If you can find happiness in the common and inexpensive things in your daily life, you will be on your way to securing long-lasting happiness for yourself.| PEXEL

You deserve nothing less.

Start the day slowly [with cool music]

Trust me, you deserve nothing less.

It takes a superior mindset to attract superior personalities and qualities relationships into your life.| PEXEL

A piece of relationship advice for singles.

Commitment is not something you force or beg to happen. Instead, it is a natural outcome of being an indispensable life partner in a relationship.| PEXEL

Reviving your reading habit can be the best professional and personal decision you'll ever make|PEXEL

Reviving your reading habit isn't as difficult. But it can be one of your best decisions ever!

They sabotage your success in life.

Your time and your mind are two very important resources to build your life and design it to your taste. Don’t invest them in things that draw you back and sabotage your chances of success.| PEXEL

Goole CEO’s successful morning routine is a good example.

Mentally getting yourself ready for the day’s task is as much important as getting the task done| PEXEL

"Even if you don't typically thrive on a…

Than when they become rich and successful

Money; success; fame sometimes is a distraction. A huge distraction from finding true happiness.| PEXEL

“I was happier when poor” — Singer, Akon.

Joshua Idegbere

I am Joshua Idegbere | Medical Student | I write for people who still have their success ahead of them| idegberejoshua26@gmail.com

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