Someone unknowingly used them on me. It is barely a year since we met. Now she’s the closest friend I have. It’s your turn to use them on someone.

3 Traits That Can Make You Unforgettable| PEXEL

Let's start with why being unforgettable is important to your personal life and future success.

The opportunities that have come into…

Knowing these signs can help you course-correct your way to success.

3 Signs Someone Will Be Successful | STOCKSNAP

You’re probably not aware.

But it’s important to break the news to you:

You're on a flight.

And there are only two destinations: success and failure. You will either land in one. There are no in-between.

Nobody starts for failure.

I have never seen a pilot who wakes up one morning and kissed his…


3 things that seem like love but are actually not

No matter how someone claims to love you, if their loyalty is seasonal, you don’t…

Love can be as bitter as it is sweet.

Several possibilities- both good and bad- flood the journey of love that if you don't know how to discern people's actions, you may end up with deep regret, lost hope and broken dreams.

Not everyone is genuine

Humans can be very deceptive. Some people can…

3 defining qualities of a wife material

A good wife is the greatest blessing of a man.| PEXEL

One of the best things that can happen to you as a man is to be in a happy marriage.

You'll live longer.

Marrying the right person will save you from fatal medical conditions like hypertension, depression, diabetes, and cardiac diseases.

You'll enjoy your days.

It is not actually the…


Apply this principle to keep your man

A real man loves a woman who has standards and is principled| PEXEL

Knowing how to make yourself indispensable to a man is the most important skill in relationship building.

Because the moment he stops seeing your importance, that is the beginning of the end of your relationship.

Unfortunately, most ladies go about this the wrong way. They believe that saying yes to…


Love is best expressed in giving

You can give without loving. But you can’t truly love without giving| PEXEL

One of my girlfriend's friends felt so bad one day because of a few things my babe told her she had to do because of me.

For the next few weeks, she started feeding my girlfriend with toxic pieces of advice and suggesting she break up with me.

"Babes, remember…

Joshua Idegbere

I am Joshua Idegbere | Medical Student | I write for people who still have their success ahead of them|

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