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A Proven Strategy Towards Making Decisions You Won’t End Up Regretting

Shortly after, he fell fatally ill, and as the zero hours of his life drew near, he lamented bitterly.

The quality of the decisions you make today is one way to forecast your future. It can determine whether you will be proud of your past or regrets most of it.

To a considerable extent, you can tell the emotional states of your ten years self if you take a careful analysis of your day-to-day decisions for the next one or two years.

The problem with most people is with the misconception that fate determines their future, no matter what. But that's not true.

Of a truth, fate is a factor. That includes a collection of things that were decided on our behalf when we couldn't make such decisions independently.

This includes the choice of some relationships in our lives: our parents, siblings, relatives; the school we attended; and our geographical locations to name a few.

Sure, these factors tilt our future slightly in a certain direction. And sometimes not the direction we wish to progress.

But as true as that may be, the decisions of the path you choose to take as an adult remain the strongest single factor that determines how you turn out in life.

This is your life. You take the leadership role.

Never forget that.

How To Bypass The Limitations of Time and Knowledge

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Time and knowledge influence the quality of decisions we make.

Having enough time to think through and a good database of information about an issue increases our chances of making a better decision than when these two factors are deficient.

But this is life. We will never always have the luxury of sufficient time or adequate information with every life decision. At that moment, what should you do?

In my experience, the best thing is to bypass the limitations of time and knowledge by projecting the outcome of that decision into the future.

This strategy works well when you're faced with such a decision of action. That is, whether or not you should take a particular action or not.

Here is a practical example:

Let's assume you're in a relationship with a girl who is a virgin.

Because of her attitude and character as you're not sure of having a future with her. In other words, she doesn't fit into your idea of a mother who is domestic enough to cultivate a home.

But now you face a decision of whether or not to take her virginity or not.

Projecting the outcome of that decision into the future is a proven strategy for making better decisions under those circumstances:

Ask yourself, " Will I be proud enough of this decision to tell my children or to remember it on my dying bed?"

If the answer an emphatic yes, proceed with the action. But if it is a no, then pause, take a deep breath, take the alternative action.

As the Zero Hour of His Life Drew Near, He Lamented Bitterly…

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The story is told of one Thomas Wolsey.

He was a notable clergyman that occupied the highest priestly position in England. He compromised his religious calling as he tried to satisfy the interest of the then King of England. Unfortunately, he fell out of favor with the king and was severely punished and disgraced.

Shortly after, he fell fatally ill, and as the zero hours of his life drew near, he lamented bitterly, " Had I served God with half the zeal I served my king, He would not have given me over in my grey hair".

What a miserable zero-hour?!

A good decision can save you many years of sorrow and regrets.

And you don't need to have all the time in the world or an encyclopedia of knowledge to make a decision you can be proud of 20, 30, or 50 years from today.

All you need do is project the outcome of any decision or action you want to make today into the future. And consider how you will feel about it in the light of important moments in the future.

And most of your decisions will turn out right and you will be proud enough to tell your children as well as be proud of yourself in other important moments of your life, like on your dying bed.

Cheers to a regret-free future!

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