Any Effort You Make To Reaching Your Goals Achieves Something

Especially when it doesn’t seem so. Do you believe it? Dare me to prove it to you.

Josh White


Any Effort You Make You Make To Reaching Your Goal Achieves Something| PEXEL.

The journey to success is deceptive.

The absence of results deceives many people into believing their effort doesn't count. So they gave up on their dreams.

The truth is, any effort you make to reaching your goal - personal or business - achieves something.

How do I know that?

1. You're Not In The Same Position.

In the journey to success, every effort is a step forward.

It may not seem so because you're yet to see any results. But do not be deceived. Successful people, those who persisted to see their results, learned to judge every day not by the harvest they make but by the seed they sowed.

Every genuine effort aimed at the direction of your goal takes you a step ahead of the point you write the day before. Action moves people forward.

You are either making effort or you're not. Action pushes people forward. It is inaction that pulls people back.

  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. And every effort is a step forward.

2. You're Not The Same Person.

An effort towards your goal changes not only your position, it changes you as well.

Every time you show up, you build your resilience muscles. The effort gradually transforms your identity into being the kind of person who shows up to work.

It also reinforces faith in the goal and belief in your ability to achieve it. And by secondary effect, growing your self-efficacy. A potent factor of success.

These may also not be obvious to you. Nevertheless, it is happening.

You know why?

  • Good things come in small packages and sometimes we are not sensitive enough to pick the signals.

You Will Achieve Your Goal On One Condition: