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Failure Can Lead To Success And Two Other Rarely Acknowledged Lessons In Life

" I studied in the University of Adversity." said The Rev. Josiah Henson (1789 - 1883)

There is a conventional reaction that portrays failure as an end. We give up on things if they don't work the first few times.

But thanks to Robert Schuller, failure is never final.

Instead, giving up in the event of failure leads to worse outcomes than the failure itself:

My plan was to go visit my elder sister in another state and spend the holidays with her and my little cute nieces.

It was four years ago. We had just written our part 1 MBBS and waiting for the results.

Along with my five closest friends and classmates, I was happy and prepared to go until the result came out two days prior:

I had a resit in Human Physiology.

Five out of five of my close friends passed, except me.

I have never felt as disappointed and ashamed of myself. It was one of the most painful experiences of my youth.

I was broken. I couldn't find the strength to go on with the trip.

I stayed back home while they went ahead with their trips.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Tony Buzan and the Mind Map system; Conor Neil and his many advice and best practices on communication; and then John P. Weiss and his article that had first published on Medium.

These persons and their materials became the bedrock for where I am today — a better place.

Mind Map aided me to memorize and study smarter for the exams, The enormous advice on public, journaling, and lessons of life by Conor Neil was more than a turning point for me. He later became my mentor on life and public speaking.

And if not for John P. Weiss, I probably wouldn't know there was such a place called Medium.

The Lesson: there is always something left, or call it a seed of success and opportunities, in every failure. We just need to explore it a little more to uncover it.

You Can Use Adversity as an Opportunity To Develop Leadership Capabilities

Adversity is not always a bad thing. Let me say it better, Adversity is not always a bad thing. If we can see it differently and work with that new consciousness, we can use any tough situation to develop rare strengths and capabilities.

The University of Adversity

The Rev. Josiah Henson (1789 - 1883) was born as a slave. His parents and siblings were victims of the cruelty of slavery.

He led a life of suffering, experiencing and witnessing the horrible life of slaves.

Later he escaped to Canada and led a historic mission against slavery and apartheid. He was denied formal education, but by his own effort became a renowned scholar and distinguished communicator.

Impressed by his vast knowledge and attractive personality, the Archbishop of Canterbury once enquired about the university where he was trained. He replied, " I studied in the University of Adversity."

The Lesson: is it the intention of the Universe to destroy us with adversity?

Not at all, but on the contrary, adversity, or call it tough times if you wish, compels us to develop strengths we wouldn't have chosen to develop without them on our own.

If we had not been compelled, there are potentials we would never have chosen to develop. Thanks to the universe for bringing tough times our way.

Tough times create tough people - the tribe of people that thrive in the difficult times of life.

What You Lack In Skill You Can Make It Up In Number.

Look around your industry and take this to heart: every shining star that you see shining so bright all eyes are on them, was once a newbie like you.

Every well-paid writer you see on this platform was once not as paid. So don't be discouraged where you are right now. Life is a journey. There is just one way to getting to your destination: keep moving.

Just about two or three days ago, I was in a meeting with Sinem Günel along with other writers on Medium.

A huge surprise hit me when she contrasted two of her receipts. The first was in 2019 January or February, and the second was in December of the same year!


Lost in that amazement, a certain quote I read some time ago flashed through my mind:

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” — Richard Bach.

If there is just one secret to success, it is consistency. If you do the number, you will get the skill. It will only take time.

The Lesson: If you never do the number, you will never have the skill.

Final thought

If one person can do it, we all can do it.

Do not get easily discouraged with the result you are having right now. There is a purpose behind every seemingly unfortunate event in your life.

Stay in there. Don't complain. Use the situation as a tool to find out something new about yourself, allow it to help you develop strength, and finally be hopeful while doing your best. Because at the end of the day, the winner was the loser who refused to quit.

Cheers to your massive success!

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