I Know Where You Can Get New Ideas: The Island For New Ideas.

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Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is what that genius in Einstein called insanity.

Where do you get great ideas as a writer?

Is it in a new bestselling book? A new post or article to read?

Not probably; that’s what you have been doing as a writer_reading and writing stuff all day long.

Here is what i have come to find out in this game:

The writers that come with new ideas_ ideas that get us into a whole new reading experience, ideas that take us to a brand new world_are not those who write all day long.

Writing all day long could sharpen your writing skill. But you could have a good skill with empty contents.

That’s not what makes a great writer.

A great writer has content rich with ideas and is a skilful in passing those ideas across. That who a great writer is.

Your readers are expecting something new and fresh from you each day.

But where can you actually go to reap these ideas?

I know where you can reap new ideas. It is in the Island of Ideas.

The Island is not in a book. Not in reading another blog post.

If you want to come up with ideas that take your readers into a new world, you need to know this secret Island.

The Island is not anywhere but in your mind.

But that’s not all about it.

Everyone who has a mind has this Island.

But why doesn’t everyone come up with great ideas?

The reason is this, not everyone knows how to thaw the ideas in their mind.

To come up with great ideas you need to know how to turn your ideas into inspiration: the fluent form of ideas.

When you thaw your ideas they melt and flow out. That’s what we call inspiration.

How To Thaw Your Ideas And Make Them Flow

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you treat everything as nails.

Writers are not spared either; we approach everything as if all the answers are in the books.

But all the answers are not in books.

In The Letter Of The Self-Made Merchant To His Son, John Graham said something that will forever live in my heart:

Some men learn all they know from books; others from life. Both kinds are narrow. The first are all theories, the second are all practice.

Here’s the secret to thawing those ideas in your mind: do something outside your familiar routine.

You have been writing since you knew and discovered that you were a writer. NOW it’s time to change the rules.

The rules says that writers should write, musicians compose music, artist draw and paint.

But you can’t have a new experience without changing the rules.

Rather than sit there waiting to have a new idea sip into your mind, get out of your chair and record a song, pick a blank note and begin to draw, go climbing, go riding. Leave your cycle of familiar and do something unfamiliar.

What the mind need is freedom_ a place where failing is not consequential. A place where it is free to just be, a place where success and failure are not defined. That’s what you need to thaw those amazing ideas out of your mind.

There is no other way to set your ideas free like having fun. So have fun.

My best advice to thaw these ideas in your mind is to be a travel blogger.

Ask Tom Kuegler; one his experiences as a travel blogger earned to be on the front page on the Huffington Post.

If you can, that’s the kind of “distraction” we need as writers to come up with fresh ideas both for life and for creating great contents_contents pregnant with ideas.

Call To Action

If you continue to do what you have been doing, you will continue to get the experiences you have always had.

Do you want to come up with great contents like Anthony Moore, Tom Kuegler, Benjamin Hardy, PhD, Shannon Ashley, Yomi Agleam, to mention a few, then you have to go live the kind of life worth writing about.

If you live well, you will always come up with great contents to write about.

The greatest ideas are in your mind; you need these kind of experiences outside writing to get them out.

Live as if you are not a writer, and you will come up with great ideas that transforms.

So Go Out Each Week And Have Great Fun!!!




I am Joshua Idegbere | Medical Student | I write for people who still have their success ahead of them| idegberejoshua26@gmail.com

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Josh White

Josh White

I am Joshua Idegbere | Medical Student | I write for people who still have their success ahead of them| idegberejoshua26@gmail.com

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