The Difference Between Success And Failure Isn’t Always Hard Work

Hard work is key to success. But success isn’t only dependent on hard work

Josh White


The Difference Between Success And Failure Isn’t Always Hard Work|PEXEL

This is not in any way an attempt to cleverly play down on hard work. Not at all. Nobody can overstate the vital role of hard work in achieving success.

In my opinion, hard work which includes dedication, discipline, and perseverantly working at your craft or a project sets you in motion to success.

It is hard to achieve success when you don’t work hard. Meaning, if you work hard, success becomes easy to achieve. That is it.

That said, it is equally also true that hard work does not necessarily guarantee success. This is because a lot of things have to be right for success to happen. And hard, although it ranks high in the success requirements list, isn’t all you need to achieve success in life.

In my walk through life, I have met a couple of people who work far more than I am, but nowhere near the level of success that I feel they deserve.

But why is that so?

As I have said earlier, there are many factors to achieving success of which hard work is one. And one is too small a number to achieve success.

But there is a good side to the situation:

The more of other factors you have working for you along with hard work, the higher chances of success possible for you.

There are a couple of factors on that success requirements list. And you already are aware of a number of them. But there is one I would love to draw your attention to in this article.

In my opinion, this factor occupies the top first few slots and has a most profound influence on achieving success more than several other facts put together.

Let’s see what this factor is and a few ways to increase it in your life:


Opportunity, most times, is the difference between success and failure. All things being equal.