A Leadership Secret Of Businesses That Grow From Strength To Strength

Active self- disclosure.

Leadership is cardinal to the success of any business. It is about the greatest determining factor in the growth, profitability, and success of an enterprise or on the flip side, responsible mostly for the decline, and failure of the same.

A healthy leadership takes an enterprise to the promised land - to the land flowing with milk and honey. This is a stage in the business's evolution where employees enjoy job security and job satisfaction.

Along with job security and satisfaction, employees are more likely to come to work, motivated to get their job done, and are more engaged at work. All this geared towards sustaining the level of success attained and even take it a step higher.

The result is an ecosystem of individuals with pumped morale working together with the common aim towards building and a successful and profitable enterprise.

And the secret of such a healthy leadership?

Active self-disclosure.

Active self-disclosure in the workplace is a potent leadership ingredient of businesses that grow from strength to strength. It is the doorway to a certain leadership know as authentic leadership. This a kind of leadership that motivates people to voluntarily contribute their best towards the success of an organization for the greater good.

Self-disclosure is a key concept in social penetration theory, which describes the process by which people develop solid relationships. It is the doorway towards cultivating openness and honest relationships. And those two attributes mostly characterize authentic leadership.

Authentic leaders are open and honest. They cultivate open and honest relationships through active self-disclosure. Which involves the uneasy virtue of dropping one's guards and letting people in. This allows vulnerability in front of others, which allows them to open up to us in return.

Self-disclosure promotes certain behaviors, mindsets, and professionalism in the workplace, which subsequently leads to a business that grows from strength to strength. Some of which are:


Innovation takes the lead in the success story of any thriving business.

It is the force that potentiates the growth and success of a business enterprise. And expectedly, self-disclosure plays a key role in ensuring innovation in the workplace.

It brings down the wall of separation between the highly placed leader and the rest of the team, thereby creating a conducive environment that encourages employees to think up ideas and suggests those ideas to the leadership towards the success of the business ecosystem

That kind of leadership that encourages a continuous influx of ideas from employees has better odds of growth and success than those where that culture is lacking.

Team spirit.

Nothing facilitates teamwork like leading with empathy, transparency, and honesty towards your employees.

The beginning of having a team that works as a system is when employees can see through you to realize that you're fair in your dealings with each individual at the workplace and leading with their best interests at heart.

And when an employee sees that you have their best at heart, they usually reciprocate that good virtue by working individually to achieving the goals of your organization. Extend that fairness and transparency in dealing across every member of your team, it promotes cordial relationships between employees resulting in an army of individuals working in the spirit of oneness towards a common aim.


Brotherhood inspires a sense of sole proprietorship among the employees in the workplace.

It is the greatest motivation to work hard both mentally and physically towards the growth and success of the business. There is no greater motivation to contribute their best. And when they give their best selflessly, nothing can stand in the way of that business.

Brotherhood inspires professionalism in the employees. Employees will come to work early, work hard at work, and sometimes leave late without feeling being cajoled or 'used' by the leadership.

Brotherhood is the deepest a working relationship can get. It is a stage where everyone sees each other as a family and the business as 'ours' rather than 'theirs'. It inspires people to bring their A-game to the table.

Brotherhood carries the greatest benefit a relationship between people can bring.

Since the leadership can't be everywhere, these employees can go as far as defending the business outside and other extra workplace activities without monetizing it.

Brotherhood however is impossible without the continuous practice of active self-disclosure.

If you don't reveal yourself to people and show them you care about them, they won't reciprocate it.

An example of this comes from the last time businesses around the world were struggling badly, the 2008 global financial crisis.

When the board of US-based manufacturing company Barry Wehmiller wanted to discuss the layoff, chief executive Bob Chapman refused.

Instead, Chapman asked everyone to take four weeks' unpaid leave saying, "It is better we should all suffer a little than any of us have to suffer a lot."

The company has since gone from strength to strength under his truly human leadership.


Self-discovery is the leadership secret of businesses that go from strength to strength.

Be open and honest in your dealing with employees and coworkers. There is no better way to inspire contribution towards the growth and success of the company from employees.

Cheers to building a business that goes from strength to strength.

I am Joshua Idegbere and this is my column◇ Stories with actionable tips to help you make the most of your life and career ◇ idegberejoshua26@gmail.com

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