To be successful with people make this one thing a habit

Tip people

Josh White


Photo by Adam Nemeroff on Unsplash

Imagine these:

Your child is ill and on getting to the hospital nobody shows up to cite a line when the cannula gets into a tissue; her next medication is due but the doctor is not there 45 minutes after; she is febrile and nurses tell you that they are busy now to come later when she is less busy.


Your car stopped working on your way to work. You pushed it to a nearby mechanic. On arrival, you are asked to wait. But then he starts attending to some customers that met you there. And your phone keeps buzzing. Your clients who have been waiting for you for the last one hour!


You want to visit a city you know less than nothing about. But you have friends there. Unfortunately, they all claim they are busy. " I don't return from work until 8 pm. Honestly, I doubt if I will have time to help you comb the city." The rest don't even pick up your call since you told them


You want someone to help you find out about a place or to check on your mom and they keep postponing it every now and then worse, they don't pick up most of your calls.

Let me share a little story

I went to a bank to pay school fees.

On getting there there were about 30 customers ahead of me. But surprisingly, the banker beckoned a guy behind me to a side room. Before you know it, the guy finished what he came for and left before all of us!

Life is not fair

Circumstances will always favor those who know how to soothe the minds of those in control. I mean, people who have the ability and capacity or are in a position to accomplish something that you can’t.

You can turn red

You could throw tantrums for all you care. Rant and hate on the people who seem to be more favored than you.

It won't change a thing. Your situation could get worse. Stay in that state for a long time, you will end up with a victim mindset and even subsequently acquire hypertensive heart conditions.

Nobody is that busy